Hello :)

Finally here! With Gods’ help I overcame my progressing technological  idiocy and luckily managed to move on  🙂

The idea of ​​this place will be safekeeping matters that seized my drawers, cabinets and litter anywhere I organize my “base”, to the despair of part of me calling for order, but the euphoria of  element chaotic-positive 🙂

You will find here things that have already taken place or will have. I’ll update this blog with projects that are currently absorbing me and from time to time I will show compassion for those which have stuck in drawers.  Additional plan for the future is to work on tutorials, yet I would not expect them to show up here too soon..

The common denominator of entries here will be various craft techniques, news and my beloved cats of course  😀
I hope that with time this place will become nicely filled with content, and you’ll spend your time here pleasantly and creatively.


Alicja Mega

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