Old World sheep

All my love for history materialised itself for good. Imprisoned at home by weather breakdown I put my spinning wheel in the biggest room. There, in the cold and with insufficient light I took in my hands wool which once passed through fingers of Viking women.

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How to spin a rose

Magic in my workshop continues.. Tempted by a wonderful name “rose fibre” I could not resist and decided that it definitely must appear at my home.

Starting from the very beginning – what is this rose fibre?
The answer is – nothing else but a cellulose fibre made out of real rose stems 🙂 At this point to the yarns which I had pleasure to spin joined a real quintessence of elegance.

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A little braver this time – 1 ply yarns

When it comes to my spinning preferences , they were clear up to this day – I was making 2 ply and n-ply yarns all the time. Thus I ousted yarn singles from my workshop entirely. Enlightenment came when I got the tops of Wensleydale sheep, or rather sea waves! I made a dye mixture using primary colors to achieve orange and green (or at least I thought it did) and dyed it. In the pictures you can see that the colors haven’t been mixed perfectly, but this only added more beauty to it in my mind.

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