Icelandic drop spindle

Today will be a lot of pictures documenting step-by-step how a piece of stone and wood were turned into a spindle modeled on findings from time of the first settlement in Iceland.

The idea to create a spindle myself (and of course with my Arek’s small help) was born a few days ago. While whittlering a wooden spindle is not a great barrier (a note about whorl-less Scottish spindles will be here soon), the innovation in this case was focusing greater mass at the bottom by adding a spindle whorl. And it would be best if this whorl was historicaly correct of course. 

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My dye garden

After a long wait for the first shoots and being worried that my dye garden will eventually become a desert, finally I am ready to show what I’ve got over there. Yet before I go further.. thank you Arek for digging the garden! 🙂

There are successes , but also failures. So far I can not see any madder shoots ( Rubia tinctorum ) nor weld ( Reseda luteola ). I do not think that I sowed them too late , I would rather put the blame on my further gardening mistakes or my impatience. Yet I am still hoping a bit they will show up.

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