About me

Hello 🙂

My name isAlicja Alicja Mega,

I’m a typical scientifically minded person yet with small defects in the field of simplest mathematics. I will think a bit about output of 17 – 9, yet on the other hand I can create a complex database for a seismic crew 🙂

I am a geophysicist, yet when home I regain peace by digging out old forms of handicraft – my home is place for spinning, weaving, tatting, crocheting and knitting 🙂

Beside that, I’m really inerested in geology (in the picture I am holding a beautiful basalt pebble with olivine found on icelandic beach).

Hope you will spend here your time pleasantly and will come back from time to time 🙂

Warm greetings,
Alicja 🙂



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