My little Iceland

From now on a large part of my indoor photographs will be taken on this fragment of the forest’s soul. This beautiful slice of about a hundred-year-old hornbeam was given to me as a gift. I have a strong belief that was an expression of gratitude for my diplomatic withdrawal from men’s plans.

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How to spin milk

– What? How come? Milk? Real one???

Wrinkling me forehead, disbelief and then intense research. That was my first reaction to the news that you can get and spin milk protein fibre. I got surprised equally much a few minutes later when it turned out the fiber is older than me by a couple of generations and was a way to combat shortages during World War II. But let’s start from the very beginning:

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Winter art-yarn impression

I have recently ordered a set of tops of my dreams. Literally. After a period of testing wools coming from different sheep breeds (there was an idea to write a series of posts covering this.. this might be worth rethinking), now the moment came when I want more fun. I have also more trust in my own capabilities, and I feel I can surf on slightly higher waves.

Among blends I wanted to touch and turn into a yarn there was this divine blend of merino wool present here in 3 colors – white, blue and raven and .. a flax. At the end of the braid you can see how beautifuly it distinguishes itself from the smooth woolen fibres.

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Scottish spindle

Some time ago I described here my true Icelandic spindle, now time came for Scotland 🙂 It is Scotland, from where one of the least popular and least known spindles come from. In apparence, it resembles an ordinary piece of wood that hardly can promise anything spectacular.. and you could not be more wrong! Of all the spindles I’ve used, the Scottish ones are the closest of my soul.

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Spinning hemp

When I was moving to a small house in the countryside this spring one of my first thoughts was how to organize my new backyard space. My original plan was to create 3 different plots – herb and vegetable garden, dyeing garden and a microscopic hemp field. While the first two ideas have succeeded entirely, the third one was effectively knocked out by our Polish reality and legal restrictions. My conclusion from this adventure was that if one would like to cover all the way from hemp straw to a ready-made yarn, the best way is to find someone growing it on a large scale and buy from him few armfuls 🙂

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How to prepare fleece the “woolen” way

Before you can spin the wool, the fleece needs to be well prepared for that. And this you can do in two ways – woolen or worsted. Fleece prepared the worsted way (top) will have fibers parallel to direction of spinning. Yarn spun from such a top will be strong, with tightly twisted fibers and with minimum amount of trapped air. “Woolen” is a completely different story – here the fibers are arranged perpendicular to the direction of spinning, making the yarn to have more chaotic fibre arrangement. It is also more stretchy and fluffy.

To travel the entire route – from fleece to finished fluffy and airy rolags you just need the fleece and a pair of wool carders :). Some time ago I got a package with Norwegian lamb fleece. Recently, when organising my resources I rediscovered this bag, patiently waiting for its “big time.” Therefore it came 😉

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