First plum almost-spindle

Today I will show you a preview of what is starting to happen in our house (workshop!). The smithy by the house stops to be a smithy anymore and evolves into a carpentry shop. We have finally put in there our newest baby – our beautiful lathe!  The plan assumes that in moments of creative ecstasy’ll draw miraculous spindle worthy of divine Frigg and Arek will materialize this vision in his workshop. So much for the theory ..

Before our baby came to us, we had probably seen half of the youtube videos about wood turning. We had dry practiced all the movements, smiling at imaginary miracles we were planning to make. Feeling confident in our capabilities somehow we managed to put the lathe together and mount a piece of oak (this one sentence covers 2 days ;)). And this is Arek’s first attempt of turning a spindle for me:


We litteraly frowned when looking at it.. “I guess I will have to practice more that I’ve expected”.

Fortunately couple of days later the fortune was back on our side – our lathe chisels arrived and since that time his progress is constant! This is how his first almost-spindle looks like:

What a pity he took for his tests such a short piece of plum branch.. Literally a few centimeters more would make it a beautiful and proportionate russian spindle.


Nevertheless, this is a great promise of what is going to happen here really soon! May the Gods favour you, my dear, with your work and meantime, I will let myself seek for divine proportions you could materialize for me in your workshop! 😀

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