My shop


If you would like me to create unique items for you, contact me in any of following ways and I will reply as soon as I can:

  1. email:
  2. facebook message:
  3. message in my etsy store:

Items I can create are:

  • tablet woven trims (also plant dyed) – I can write patterns so I can recreate the trim you like from your drawing or a picture,
  • hand spun yarns – you can select your desired yarns parameters and material. I have wool from many primitive and modern sheep breeds, flax, soy, banana, seacell, rose, milk protein and more,
  • plant dyeing – I can dye your materials like yarns or pieces of cloth with woad from my own dye garden (blue), dyer’s madder (red), alder buckthorn (yellowish colour, orange), goldenrod (yellow) and other dyestuff

This is how some my works look like:

Leg wraps, pattern from Finnish Iron Age, commercial colours
tablet woven trim, plant dyed colours (blue – woad, red – madder)
handspun seacell yarn
handspun coil yarn
yarn dyed with woad I cultivate myself in my dye garden

I also encourage you to visit my etsy store ( where you can see items I have available at the moment.

Have a nice day 🙂