Story of a dog who became a shepherd

Autumn came.. Truly gloomy, foggy and cold. Cats are coming back home soaked to the bones and landscapes.. look like illustrations from novels about my country’s darkest days.

jesienna Dąbrówka

On a day like that I went for a walk to nearby forest to catch some foggy yet still green photos and.. as usual, my plan got luckily turned upside down. Firstly by my cat. And after that by my neighours’ dogs and cows :). I walked not more than 100 meters away from house when I heard sweet kitten crying “mom! wait!”. Layla, our siberian cat noticed me leaving and decided to join. Meowing, she followed me and accompanied till she got startled by neighbours’ cows. Real countryside 🙂

Those, as every morning, were heading slowly for a pasture led by two people and three cheerful female dogs. Two german shepherd like and one curly haired. That poor litte ball of fur is not allowing anyone to comb her hair and good keepers are cutting off bigger chunks of her matted hair only when she’s distracted and accidentaly lets do anything to her. The dog was originaly ownerless, no one knows whose she was nor what adventures she had. Important was, that she sniffed a good man on her way, showed up in his house and could stay. Housewife managed to heal her eye remainder with sage, tame this poor ball of matted fur and turn the Cinderella into real shepherd dog!

Now, every morning the dog leads cows to the pasture and in the evenings she comes back for them with keepers and her german shepherd – like mates. She’s not chasing wildly my cats and when her dog mates are fighting and biting each other, she barks and brings them to order. This, I’ve seen with my own eyes. Guardian she is 😉

The talk with neighbors would easily take another hour, unfortuately cows, let free, scattered and chewed grass from someone else’s plots and my own cat disappeared.

Great story, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s good for plans to make unexpected turn – forest photo session turned out to be a pasture one, yet heartwarming in return 🙂 And my cat.. didn’t disappear, but waited for me at our gate. From time to time I have a feeling that I’ve got a dog too 😛

Z koleżanką

One more shot at proud cow – dog:


Such a story 😉 Hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I have 🙂

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Snowflakes set is ready :)

Someone’s going to be happy tomorrow 🙂 First set of christmas tatted snowflakes is ready. Early afternoon I took them outside to make photos of them –  I will keep their pictures at least. Now (00:00 CET), stiffed with starch, they get dry right next to a heater. Let’t hope that person who will unwrap them tomorrow will like them!

I definately need to make these for me also!



Last shot – with lichen 🙂



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Hello :)

Finally here! With Gods’ help I overcame my progressing technological  idiocy and luckily managed to move on  🙂

The idea of ​​this place will be safekeeping matters that seized my drawers, cabinets and litter anywhere I organize my “base”, to the despair of part of me calling for order, but the euphoria of  element chaotic-positive 🙂

You will find here things that have already taken place or will have. I’ll update this blog with projects that are currently absorbing me and from time to time I will show compassion for those which have stuck in drawers.  Additional plan for the future is to work on tutorials, yet I would not expect them to show up here too soon..

The common denominator of entries here will be various craft techniques, news and my beloved cats of course  😀
I hope that with time this place will become nicely filled with content, and you’ll spend your time here pleasantly and creatively.


Alicja Mega

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