How to spin a rose

Magic in my workshop continues.. Tempted by a wonderful name “rose fibre” I could not resist and decided that it definitely must appear at my home.

Starting from the very beginning – what is this rose fibre?
The answer is – nothing else but a cellulose fibre made out of real rose stems 🙂 At this point to the yarns which I had pleasure to spin joined a real quintessence of elegance.


Friendship with Lady Rose is not an easy one – individual fibres are quite short, they’re about 9 cm long, very slippery and non-strechable. In my spinning method in which I control the twist passed through my fingers, very quickly I realised that only a moment of inattention results in breaks to loosen the band and attempts to stay calm 🙂 My legs also had to adapt to the pace preferred by Lady Rose. Definitely it was Her who was in charge.

My humility however was rewarded greatly – yarn dazzles with pearly shine and its softness. Comparing it to a mulberry silk, its gloss is only a little bit less smaller and with slighly warmer colour. The thread that can be formed is also very thin and incredibly durable. The skein I spun weights only 25 grams but its length is up to 200 meters. Trying to find a worthy use of this Lady Rose I am thinking of times of the Austro – Hungarian and elegant gentlemen giving the ladies handkerchief finished with rose lace to wipe away a tear 😉 Beauty and elegance..


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  1. nie nie 😀 Można dostać czasem w sklepach już przygotowaną różaną czesankę. Z takich eksperymentów “od ziarenka” mam tylko len, który się właśnie rosi na podwórku i niebieski ogródek barwierski

    1. dziękuję! Mam nadzieję, że na dniach pojawi się kolejny różany wpis, po pierwszych trudnościach polubiłam się z Panią Różą i dziś zmierzenie się z nią nie przyprawia mnie o już chęć bicia przed nią pokłonów i składania jej ofiar 😉

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