Gray Corriedale as known as Gandalf’s beard

Another beautiful yarn is ready! This time I took a closer look at gray fleece of corriedale sheep – the oldest of all the crossbred breeds. Developed simultaneously in Australia and New Zealand at the end of XIX century as a crosbreed of lincoln or leicester rams and merino ewes and improved later on, corriedale turned out to be so attractive that today they’re the second most significant breed in the world after Merinos. They’re distributed mainly  in the southern hemisphere – Australia, Patagonia, Uruguay, the Falkland Islands and Middle-earth .. I mean – New Zealand! Plus USA of course 😉 This is the northern hemisphere, yet still i’ll consider them to be the southern sheep 🙂

How did I like it? A lot! Wool was very soft (its thicknes ranges between 24.5 – 31.5 microns), and the thin thread actually created itself between my fingers with no additional effort on my side. An additional nice thing was the color – different shades of gray, which made the spinning really pleasant. There’s nothing more boring for a spinner than a perfectly smooth wool.. And here I had both character and nice silver-ash colours.

This is how single thread looks like with Gandalf’s beard in the background:


And this is the result, 3 ply yarn (navajo ply):


The smaller skein’s thread turned out to be thicker. Most probably they will be used in separate projects because of that 😉

Finished yarn parameters:

  • bigger skein: 54 g, 144 m, what makes 2,7 m per 1g
  • smaller skein: 48 g, 87 m, what makes 1,81 m per 1 g.

The yarn is incredible soft. I suspect, that it’s itching is so delicate it won’t be even felt by some people.. Yet this needs to be checked on someone else than me.. I’m wearing a lopapeysa made with icelandic wool on bare skin, so I definately do not make the perfect survey trial! 😀


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