Dziady 2016

It’s 0:46 at night. Cold night between 31st October and 1st of November is witnessing a return of souls of those who passed away and today, all cold and hungry wander around searching for a way to their former homes.

Old Slavic custom is not to be afraid of them, but help them find their homes so they can spend this special night with their families. As it is difficult today to burn the fires along a road, my fiance and I took our old lantern wit candles and walked along the path leading from the village to the fields. Again and again I could hear rustling and crackling coming out of the thickets on both sides of the dirt road. Souls? Ancestors looking for their old homes? Who knows, I’m sure a few of these sounds belonged to a cmall black creature that gracefuly pierced the darkness and began to rub against our legs 🙂

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