How to prepare fleece the “woolen” way

Before you can spin the wool, the fleece needs to be well prepared for that. And this you can do in two ways – woolen or worsted. Fleece prepared the worsted way (top) will have fibers parallel to direction of spinning. Yarn spun from such a top will be strong, with tightly twisted fibers and with minimum amount of trapped air. “Woolen” is a completely different story – here the fibers are arranged perpendicular to the direction of spinning, making the yarn to have more chaotic fibre arrangement. It is also more stretchy and fluffy.

To travel the entire route – from fleece to finished fluffy and airy rolags you just need the fleece and a pair of wool carders :). Some time ago I got a package with Norwegian lamb fleece. Recently, when organising my resources I rediscovered this bag, patiently waiting for its “big time.” Therefore it came 😉

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