Scottish spindle

Some time ago I described here my true Icelandic spindle, now time came for Scotland 🙂 It is Scotland, from where one of the least popular and least known spindles come from. In apparence, it resembles an ordinary piece of wood that hardly can promise anything spectacular.. and you could not be more wrong! Of all the spindles I’ve used, the Scottish ones are the closest of my soul.

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First plum almost-spindle

Today I will show you a preview of what is starting to happen in our house (workshop!). The smithy by the house stops to be a smithy anymore and evolves into a carpentry shop. We have finally put in there our newest baby – our beautiful lathe!  The plan assumes that in moments of creative ecstasy’ll draw miraculous spindle worthy of divine Frigg and Arek will materialize this vision in his workshop. So much for the theory ..

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Icelandic drop spindle

Today will be a lot of pictures documenting step-by-step how a piece of stone and wood were turned into a spindle modeled on findings from time of the first settlement in Iceland.

The idea to create a spindle myself (and of course with my Arek’s small help) was born a few days ago. While whittlering a wooden spindle is not a great barrier (a note about whorl-less Scottish spindles will be here soon), the innovation in this case was focusing greater mass at the bottom by adding a spindle whorl. And it would be best if this whorl was historicaly correct of course. 

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